Car Finance

Car Finance approval based on affordability NOT your past credit

Car finance is still the most popular finance option for anyone who wants to buy and own a car, especially for private customers. Monthly payments are visible on your credit file which means you can build or repair your credit rating as well as owning your vehicle outright at the end of the agreement. Ingram Finance can arrange car finance for UK residents with a low credit score or previous adverse credit provided you have proof of income, a UK licence and proof of address. Finance is either over 3 or 4 years depending on the age of the car you choose and can be arranged and approved from home. See how easy it is to qualify even if you have experienced past adverse credit.

You find it we fund it

If you have found a car you want to buy we can arrange to send finance documents to the dealership for you to sign on their premises. Or if you would like to know you have a finance approval in place before you go car shopping you can apply for a credit limit.